By: Claudia Magna, Directora Comercial - MundoMaritimo

The increased presence of women in shipping, a historically male-dominated sector, has proven to be a great asset, not only in terms of teamwork, but also in terms of innovation and the implementation of best business practices. Claudia Magna, Director of MundoMaritimo, says that throughout her career as a fundamental part of this outstanding specialized media, she has witnessed the progress in gender equality, diversity and inclusion. However, she points out that there are still many obstacles to overcome and that it is necessary not only for more companies in Latin America to join this effort, but also to improve the organizational culture in this matter, since without women, the sector loses 50% of the talent available in the market.

As an example, Claudia Magna cites the case of a global shipping company that has set bold goals and new initiatives to improve career paths and opportunities for women at all levels of the company. In this regard, one of the key objectives of its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) function for 2025 is to exceed the threshold of having women in 40% of its management positions.

The work of the Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) is also noteworthy. This organization, which brings together female executives and decision-makers at a global level, currently has 56 member countries and, thanks to its determined work to integrate women into the industry, has become a respected voice heard by all sectors of maritime transport, which has led to its recognition as a Consulting Member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Another great example born in our region, highlighted by Claudia Magna, and in which she had the satisfaction of participating in its creation in Viña del Mar, is Red MAMLa. This organization aims to develop a strategic plan for inclusion through four main axes: training, visibility, recognition and empowerment of women, all aspects in which fundamental progress has been made in almost five years since the beginning of its work.

She also appreciates the work done by outstanding women in the various sectors of the industry in the region, cases of which it would be unfair to mention only a few, since "I am sure that in every company or organization related to the activity of the maritime port and international trade there is more than one woman, often made invisible by an outdated organizational culture. However, thanks to numerous initiatives and the passage of new generations, many of them have managed to integrate into our industry and be valued according to their just merits". 

For these reasons, the director of MundoMaritimo calls for more companies and organizations in Latin America to join international initiatives that promote the integration of women in the sector, not just to comply with a law or regulation, but to recognize the indispensable contribution they have made to companies in order to successfully achieve their objectives. 

Finally, Claudia Magna emphasizes that "it is essential that the specialized media of the sector always take into account diversity and inclusion, as we play an important role in reporting these advances, encouraging more companies to join new programs and initiatives of this type, always under the premise that talent is found in people, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, identity or sexual orientation".



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